The Balconies Interview/Session

Ottawa natives, now Toronto-based The Balconies stopped by CFRE to chat with Corey Belford, and have a little in-studio session before their gig at UTM’s Blind Duck Pub.
To listen to the interview, click here. Maybe they’ll explain how the Senators are ahead of the Leafs right now. Ugh.

You can also download the song Black Cat, which there Balconies recorded right here in-studio right here. You’ll want to hear what they can do with just one tiny, undersized guitar.

Leonard Cohen Contest Winner: Luke Sawczak

Congratulations to Luke Sawczak, our winner of the Leonard Cohen ‘Old Ideas’ Poetry Contest. He entered a poem called “At 2 P.M.” and won Old Ideas on Vinyl, CD, and a copy of an original drawing by Leonard himself, of which only 5000 exist. Runners up are Peter Swinburne and Christine Law, who both won a copy of Old Ideas on CD.

Here’s 2 A.M. by Luke Sawczak:

“At 2 p.m.”

The sun, for an evening contained in a second, was hid
The sun doesn’t know that I wished it would go, but I did
There’s somewhere I go in the wheel of the world when we kiss
There’s somewhere I know I can just circumnavigate this

The truth is I love you, just like I love everyone else
You’re a way to make sure I am never alone with myself
The truth is there’s nowhere, not even the dark, we can hide
My brain or my heart said to hold you, and so I complied

You weren’t complacent
the love that lay latent
prevented contentment
it couldn’t be patient
and it’s not convenient
but nothing’s been seen yet
I’m only dreaming

I think I’ll continue to kiss you at every full moon
After all, I’m convinced they’ll be holding my funeral soon
I can choose not to mind if it doesn’t work out in the end
If I can’t be your lover, I’ll probably still be your friend.